Container Services

We Watch Product Temperature:

  • Product temperature is recorded upon receipt on the West Coast.
  • Temperature is monitored from point of receipt to delivery.

We Assure Movement is on Schedule:

  • The consignee is informed when a shipment is not received on the West Coast as scheduled.
  • The consignee is contacted with Notice of Shipment information and arranges for delivery.
  • The consignee is alerted of any discrepancies (e.g. temperature, damage, count, etc.).

We Take Full Responsibility for Documentation of the Shipment:

  • All claims are filed on your behalf; you deal with only one carrier.

We Consolidate Multiple Shipments:

  • Shipments are received at various times throughout the week to ship on the same vessel to one consignee.
  • The payor of freight receives the lowest rate through the use of the combined weight of all shipments.
  • Shipments are loaded in accordance with the consignee's instructions.
  • Changes can be made up to the arrival of the vessel.

We Have Complete Warehousing and Distribution Services Throughout All of Hawaii:

  • Your refrigerated products are handled professionally.